A blind orphan who can see spirits.


Agneta is a young girl of eight. Her eyes are completely shrouded by white cataracts, giving her an unnerving look to those who are not used to such things. Though quite a child, she has grown up in the company of priests and shows their temperance and reserve.


Left on the doorstep of an church in Amsterdam, Agneta has grown up in the company of priests in a house of God. Blind from birth, she has always been able to see things others have not. She first described them as angels. As time went on, the priests who cared for her realized that what she saw were spirits. Some might call them ghosts, others angels or demons.

After her eighth year at the church, the prior, Gregos, decided to embark on a pilgrimage to the Vatican where he would present young Agneta for the Pope’s blessing.


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