Captain Otto

Light brown hair, Hazel eyes, large bright smile. Gregarious and easy going.


Captain Otto


  • Agility d6
  • Smarts d6
  • Strength d4
  • Spirit d8
  • Vigor d6
  • Charisma +2
  • Pace 5
  • Parry 5
  • Toughness 6


  • Curious
  • Delusional (Minor) – Conspiracy Theorist
  • Obese – Size +1/Toughness +1/Pace -1/Running D4


  • Command – Crew +1 to Spirit rolls to recover from being Shaken
  • Captain – Own ship (Maiden’s Breath), If cannons fire on Captain’s turn then gunners ignore unstable platform penalty
  • Charismatic – +2 Charisma rolls
  • Connections – Members of the Path of Kane
  • Rich – Start with 15, 300/yr


  • Boating (Ag) d8
  • Fighting (Ag) d6
  • Notice (Sm) d6
  • Persuasion (Sp) d8
  • Streetwise (Sm) d4
  • Guts (Sp) d4
  • Throwing (Ag) d6


  • Swedish
  • French

Otto was born Gormr Uhellbringe in 1573 in the wilds of northern Sweden to a madman.

Gormr’s father was a minor noble of a backwater region of Sweden. Distantly related to the Sture family and unhinged from the death of his wife during the birth of his son, he was convinced that the Norwegian monarch was sending assassins to kill him and his family and they had poisoned his wife in an effort to end the line. He spent years fortifying his estates and spent large sums of money on mercenaries and guards nearly beggaring his family despite the large amount of natural resources on his estates. His delusions were aided greatly by the letters sent from the capital by his younger brother Jonnir which often spoke of the tensions between Sweden and Norway.

Otto was raised without the benefits or calming effects his mother would have had on his father. Raised with strict military discipline and in what amounted to a war camp from a very young age, Otto longed to be free from his father and his delusions. At the age of 14, Otto’s father was killed during a routine inspection of his estates. He was thrown from his horse’s back and broke his neck. Soon after, Gormr received a visit from his Uncle Jonnir and was placed under his care.

Gormr’s life changed in short order. Jonnir had been unaware of his brother’s madness and was shocked at the state of his family’s affairs. He quickly changed that upon his brother’s death and took over the running of the estates. He was, however, not fond of living in the wilds and moved back to the capital, taking young Gormr with him. Jonnir had been apprenticed at a young age to a skilled sea captain and merchant and quickly did the same with his young nephew.

Gormr took to the sea like a fish. The wide open places and ever changing sea enchanted him. When he reached his majority, he signed the majority of his inheritance over to his uncle and departed for the life of a sailor and merchant. Keeping one small sloop, Maiden’s Breath, and a small yearly stipend, Gormr believed he was set. He sailed from Stockholm and never looked back. It was during once such voyage to deliver a shipment of skins to Iceland that Gormr encountered Kane.

Several years had passed and Gormr, calling himself Captain Otto due to the inability of non-swedes to pronounce his name, often carried passengers on his voyages. They helped pass the time and often had interesting stories. Kane was such a passenger. He did not talk much during the voyage but he did tell Otto he traveled to Iceland to right a wrong done to a young woman he had met in Scotland. He had sworn revenge and was on his way to mete out justice. Otto was confused by this mindset and spent a great deal of time trying to draw out his passenger. He was unsuccessful until the pirate attacks.

Two days out from Reykjavik the Maiden’s Breath was set upon by what appeared to be viking longships! Pirated by the ghosts of long dead vikings, Otto and his crew believed they were doomed. Only the presence of Solomon Kane changed their fate. He boarded one of the dragonships and did battle with the vile necromancer who was controlling the vessels. He slew the evil sorcerer and released the crews back to the icy depths. Otto, sensing the opportunity for profit, commandeered the dragonships and sold them in Iceland as spoils of war. He and his crew were welcomed with open arms for the slaying of the sorcerer. Otto tried to point out that Kane was the real hero but he was already gone with the morning tide.

Today, Otto is a changed man. He no longer lives for adventure and profit only. Now, he sails the seas looking for those, like himself, who have encountered Kane and seeks to help them on their way. If he can make a profit and have some adventure along the way, all the better!

Otto is a large man, he lives that way as well. Due to his austere childhood he enjoys the finer things in life, especially good food. He likes his spirits but is not given to overindulgence as it leads to poor decision making. His crew is loyal and most are those who were with him on the Iceland trip. He usually only takes on new crew from people he knows personally or are recommended by former crew members. He cannot afford to have anyone weak willed amongst his men. Otto has little love for authority but he recognizes its need for the greater populace. Hence, he is not adverse to a little smuggling if the need is there or a handsome profit is to be made.

Since all of his basic needs are met, Otto tends to give all of his earnings away. For him, the act of making the money and striking the deal are what is important. He still nominally works for his uncle’s shipping company and protects the family interests but has few dealings with them. He is acutely aware that they fear his father’s madness may have carried over to him and Otto is beginning to wonder as well. He has spent some time investigating his past and has come to the conclusion that his father’s ravings may have made some sense. Then he wonders if that is just the madness talking. So far, these musings have been all to himself and he takes pains to keep it that way. He will often voice his delusion in the form of a joke and his twinkling eyes give away the jest. He does believe that a large number of things are decided by secret societies and has amassed a large collection of writings on the subjects of cults, societies and history.

Otto has no romantic life to speak of. His love is wholly devoted to the Sea and all her whims.

Captain Otto

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