Wilhelm der Grosse

Arrogant, cocky, incredibly talented swordsman, fighter, and adventurer


Agility – d8
Smarts – d4
Strength – d10
Spirit – d6
Vigor – d8

Fighting – d12
Tracking – d4
Notice – d4
Guts – d6
Taunt – d6
Healing – d6
Survival – d4
Persuasion – d6

Charisma – 0
Pace – 6
Parry – 8+3
Toughness – 6+3

Hindrances: arrogant (major), cocky (minor), greedy (minor), phobia: silence (minor)

Edges: ambidextrous, quick, two-fisted, Florentine, block, frenzy, improved frenzy, first strike

Weapons: Two Kodachis (main), Kempler’s Mace (vs. supernatural creatures), Rapier, Main Gauche, two Lathis

Armor: Steel helmet and plate corslet


Birthplace: Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Parents: Lord Ferdinand and Lady Adelina Heuber

Given name: Wilhelm Gottlieb Hueber

Wilhelm is the first born son of Lord Ferdinand and Lady Adelina Heuber and the rightful heir to his father’s lands and title. However, when he was a teenager, his younger brother, Adelfried, killed his youngest brother, Frederick, and framed Wilhelm for the crime. Wilhelm was always the most physically gifted, while Adelfried was the smart child and Frederick, the favorite. Enraged, his father disowned Wilhelm and sent him out of Germany. Since then, his father has died and his brother has taken over as Lord of Dusseldorf. Wilhelm now goes by Wilhelm der Grosse and no one else knows of his disgrace. Wilhelm’s main goal in life is to amass enough fame and wealth to become lord of one of the German provinces on his own, challenge his brother to a duel to the death, make his brother confess his crime, kill his brother, and regain his rightful lands and title. He is doing this by seeking adventure around the world and becoming a master swordsman. When the day comes, he will kill his brother and restore his name.

Wilhelm der Grosse

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