Professor Andrew Miles Blackwood

Professor of Greek, Peterhouse College at Cambridge. Atlantis enthusiast.


Professor Blackwood is a old man with a keen interest in old legends.


For most of his career, Professor Blackwood was instructor of Greek Studies at Corpus Christi College. He has recently relocated to the much smaller Peterhouse, driven from his former position due in large part to the faculty’s distaste for his latest course of study.

For the last decade, Professor Blackwood has become more and more obsessed with the legend of Atlantis. From Plato’s dialogues, he has amassed a collection of obscure tomes on the subject. Most of the information he has is vague, but he has come to believe that our current notion of prehistory is mistaken. He must tread carefully to avoid offending his colleagues and the church, but he does eventually intend to publish his findings, which he believes will shake the enlightened world to its core! He is currently planning a journey to Egypt to examine the stone pillars described in Plato’s Timaeus.

Despite his obsession with Atlantis, Professor Blackwood is a firm academic with little belief in the supernatural or the occult. This is nothing more than children’s bedtime stories fed to us to keep us under the warm protective cloak of the mother church. In fact, he actually believes his study of Atlantis will ultimately disprove this “hocus pocus poppycock” once and for all.

Professor Andrew Miles Blackwood

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