The Path of Kane

The Red Vengeance

Driven by strange dreams, Isabella and Wilhelm journey to the small British village of Torkertown, where they uncover a conspiracy to defraud the family of Roger Ivens. The scandal has already claimed the life of Ivens. His widow, now destitute, prepares to flee Torkertown to live with her sister’s family in Bristol.

One by one, the conspirators have been found dead, from exposure, it is said. But our heroes discovered the disturbing truth: that it is in fact the vengeful spirit of Roger Ivens who is waylaying these men on the road. Setting things right, they manage to save one of the conspirators and force restitution upon him, awarding the widow Ivens a considerable sum to ease her grief and make her journey to Bristol easier.

That night, Isabella and Wilhelm share a dream of the stooped shaman, N’Longa, who bids them to seek out six gems of power hidden throughout the world. A great evil is stirring in the bowels of the earth and only the unified power of these artifacts can destroy it.



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