The Path of Kane

The Game is Afoot

Seeking more information on the gems of power, Isabella decides to seek the aid of Andrew Blackwood, Professor of Greek at Cambridge. He has been driven to Peterhouse college due to his unconventional studies in Plato’s Atlantis. He suggests these gems the heroes seek might in fact be unfinished orichalcum, a rare metal unique to the island of Atlantis.

The heroes discover news of recent disappearances of both a Cambridge student and a local deputy marshalman. With the aid of Blackwood and the town marshal, they track these disappearances to the nearby village of Alberny, and a rogue called Rooster, proprietor of the Cock of the Walk gaming house and the Sunset House brothel. In the battle with Rooster’s thugs, the rogue manages to escape into the night. The deputy marshalman is rescued and a potential scandal among Cambridge students is averted.

In their prospective paths of research, both Wilhelm and Isabella hear the tale of Baron Von Staler of the Black Forest. They set off on the road to book passage on a ship to the German Empire, where they might learn the truth behind The Castle of the Devil



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