The Path of Kane

Across the North Sea

True to his word, Captain Otto and the Maiden’s Breath set off for the port of Hamberg on the afternoon tide. Aboard as his guests were Wilhelm and Isabella. Renior and Robert joined them, but worked with the crew to earn their passage.

Harried by a suspicious ship, the sixth day of the journey found the Maiden’s Breath born down upon by a Spanish Brigantine, the Queen Isabella. The captain demanded that his marines be allowed to board and inspect the ship for contraband. Badly outgunned, Captain Otto had little choice but to allow it.

Captain Ibanez and his marines were accompanied by an unexpected guest: a Dominican boldly wearing the colors of the Spanish Inquisition. While Ibanez and his marines prowled the hold, the priest took time to question the crew as to their nationality and times aboard the Maiden’s Breath. Robert sulked away, hiding within the captain’s cabin (which had been turned over to Isabella for the length of the journey). The priest had deposited his satchel therein, and within it, Robert discovered three interesting letters. Before he had a chance to fully examine them, Captain Otto and the Dominican, Brother Alejandro, entered the cabin, forcing him to hide.

As with the crew, Alejandro inquired as to Captain Otto’s nationality and wished to examine his logs and charts. He inquired after a Norwegian village called Kjeften. Satisfied that the Maiden’s Breath had never visited that remote destination, Alejandro and Captain Ibanez bid their farewell and returned to the Queen Isabella, leaving the heroes to resume course.

Examination of the priest’s letters suggested a sinister character to the village of Kjeften. The heroes, Isabella in particular, would ponder over them for days.

The next morning, the Maiden’s Breath was assailed by pirates.

To be continued…



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